No Democracy in Education and Library Boards

Letter to Council from the IRA Education Minister states he has asked for an extension to Education and Library Board members appointment until 31 March 2015 as opposed to their replacement by democrats. This letter at DUP request is simply a matter of choreography between themselves and their IRA partners in Government, a sort of political line dancing. The DUP know the answer already but want to be seen doing something even if it is nothing. The Minister has no interest in democratic governance within education and will also do nothing.

United Part Time to Newark


The suspension of the United flight between Belfast and New York, 6 January 2015 and 11 March 2015, can hardly be welcomed. Northern Ireland airports are already losing passengers in their millions to Dublin Airport, this development can only acerbate that situation. We have, unfortunately, a government of two halves. One half impotent the other, their IRA partners have no interest in the advancement of Northern Ireland and are entirely happy to see Ulster folk traipsing down to Dublin.

United are hardly blameless if passenger numbers is the issue, although perhaps a flag of convenience. Booking cattle class on United means a penalty of unfortunate routing. An economy flight to Orlando might find the passenger routed through Newark to Orlando, but, on the return journey routed to Houston Texas then Newark before the flight to Belfast. This together with punitive stopover times hardly leads to a comfortable journey. On the comfort theme the journey from Houston to Newark on 737 is more comfortable than the 757 transatlantic flight. Boeing 757 aircraft were used by BA on flights Belfast to London.

All in all, this now part time schedule is perhaps more akin to a charter offering rather than a global airline. Let’s hope that continuity of service returns, or perhaps, another operator steps forward.