Eddie Reader by Candlelight

Headed out tonight to Open House event in Abbey Church, attend a few times a year but mainly on Christmas Eve for carols by candlelight.
What a surprise to enter the church to be greeted by candlelight. It was a lovely setting with subdued lighting on the stage.
Eddie Reader and her band were excellent resulting in a standing ovation at the end. Eddie entertained us with not only her music, some of which was from her time with Fairground Attraction, but with stories of her childhood in Glasgow. Altogether a lovely night.


Successful Unionist Politics?


Save the Ulster Special Constabulary
Save the Ulster Defence Regiment
Save the Royal Ulster Constabulary
Save Drumcree
Save the flag
Save Twaddell
Don’t know how many I have missed but the theme is the same, perhaps remembering 1690 is the only option left to us!

Belfast City Airport Forum


Belfast City Airport is able to report a between 2 and 3 % increase in passenger numbers to date this year. This remarkable performance is achieved by a 70% load factor, planes are flying with greater numbers on board so no increase in numbers of flights.

Also reported was investment in x-ray equipment leading to faster throughput of luggage.

British Airways now flies into Terminal 5 which leads to better connectivity with it’s international and other domestic flights.

Aer Lingus now flies into the new Terminal 2.

HM The Queen arrived at Belfast City Airport for her Northern Ireland visit. She was welcomed to the Airport by Brian Ambrose CE BCA.