Post Office Queue Unacceptable

Queueing is a part of modern life, but when does it become unacceptable? Certainly I felt this was so at Post Office on Main Street. The queue stretched outside the inner door when I joined, but immediately afterwards reached the outer door. Surely by any yardstick this is unacceptable.

For elderly folk and those with mobility issues standing for such extended periods can literally be a pain and presents an unacceptable face of customer service from Post Office. Since privatisation Post Office overriding concern is for profit , service to its customers is a mere inconvenience and it shows.

It is somewhat ironic that whilst Post office takes on more banking functions, perhaps one reason for extended queues,   Ulster Bank is to close which can only exasperate the situation.  Perhaps like the banks, Post Office would rather we did everything online. Never to darken their door, not sure how that is going to work with letters and parcels! Is that an Amazon drone is see hovering outside my front door?

Must always finish with “our postmen are wonderful”

Imposing Structure on Coastal Path.

Having not visited the coastal path for a while I was somewhat shocked to see this imposing structure under construction in close proximity. Couldn’t help asking myself how did it receive planning permission without the usual uproar from local rag, FABB and the rest. Unclear at this stage how tall the finished product will be but it certainly seems substantial. Blot on the landscape?