An evening of musical celebration


Join the fabulous Bangor Ladies Choir for an evening of musical celebration with guest artist Brian Kennedy.

Hailing from the Fall’s Road area of Belfast, Brian Kennedy is one of Northern Ireland’s finest artists, carving out an extraordinary career in Music. His work with Van Morrison has been well documented. He is a Natural TV & Radio host as well as lead performer on diverse international stages, from New York’s Riverdance on Broadway for 9 months of over 300 performances to Eurovision 2006 in Athens.

Remarkably Brian also found time to publish two fiction Novels that were as instant success and he continues to receive  many prestigious awards, including the 2010 Ireland Meteor Lifetime Achievement Award for Music, and an even rarer Honorary Doctorate Degree of Letters by the University of Ulster, for his contribution to the Arts.

With a Choir of 62, backed by the extraordinary vocals of Brian, the musical prowess of night will be superb!

Tickets available from Bangor and Ards Visitor Information Centres, North Down Museum in Bangor, The Wool Shop in Bangor and Newtownards.

It’s very dark in here

Dear Mister Council man can we have our lights back please, the ones on the path from the  toilet block in Abbey Street to the entry onto Abbey Park.

We have asked nicely before but it seems we have been ignored. Its very dark in the evening beside those black painted walls around the  water service works making it very frightening and dangerous.

We already know the fault lies within the works so please have some consideration for the residents who use this path in the hours of darkness and have it sorted.