Another death on the A2

On Monday 23 January the A2 claimed another life. Another family ripped apart by this killer road, when will it end?

Politicians are understandably shocked and saddened by this fatality calling for investment along the A2 which carries 45,000 vehicles per day.

Transport NI are called upon to take steps which will lead to improved safety and to stop further tragedies occurring. Honourable sentiment where it not for the fact that the A2 is tinkered out and needs to be replaced.

When an accident does occur and the road closed the surrounding country roads are overwhelmed causing widespread misery as far as Ards where already at capacity roads are swamped..

As we have seen from the RHI scandal money can be conjured from nowhere to feed such schemes. The brutal truth is the A2 needs to be replaced something that can only be achieved with political will. As we saw with the terrorism in our province there appeared to be an acceptable level of violence, similarly, there appears to be an acceptable level of death on the A2. Only when this mindset changes will we see the badly needed alternative. Until then the condolences from our politicians will continue.