Amazon versus Royal Mail


I am quite happy that delivery services do not deliver on a Sunday, I can wait until Monday. I only mention this as a result of last Sunday’s experience with an Amazon delivery. As we were out for most of the afternoon it was not a surprise to receive notification from Amazon that a delivery had failed and that another attempt would be made. What was even more surprising was to receive another notification that afternoon advising that the item had been left with a neighbour. Amazon had not only delivered on a Sunday, which I am not fussed about, but they had actually returned to make a second attempt the same day.

Contrast the service from Royal Mail, the all to familiar “something for you” card through the door. No chance of a second attempt with them, in fact I cant even trot down to Post Office without waiting until tomorrow.

Yesterday I visited main Post Office in Bangor at around 2pm for some stamps. The queue was out the main entrance with only two serving, third dealing with foreign currency. I felt for people who may have spent much of their lunchtime queuing for service.

Post Office, if it is to survive, needs to adjust its working practices to suit the customer. Otherwise I can foresee a future without the presence of Post Office.

As always,  our postmen are great.


Better Representation?

Down Hospital, County Down
Down Hospital, County Down

Recently I made my first visit to Down Hospital, Downpatrick. A remarkable facility in what was probably a green field side on the other side of Downpatrick from ourselves.

Contains an emergency department, day procedure, cataract, Children’s,  and many many more. In addition there is provision of Doctors and Dentist surgery.  It even has a shop of sorts and a restaurant.

It is however, a long drive from Bangor and would require a number of bus journeys perhaps even a taxi service. Only suitable, for us, if there is personal transport available.

We in Bangor have by contrast a closed, never to open again hospital. Patients are forced to travel, in case of Downe, some considerable distance for treatment. Considering the population of Bangor and surrounding areas it is simply scandalous that such a facility is not available on our doorstep.

But it does beg the question as to who receives the Better Representation from the respective politicians?