Great Wall of Castle Park Lighting Disappoints


Although the contractor has added a nice path to the great wall of Bangor in Castle Park the lighting provided is woeful inadequate.
As can be seen from the photo this section, like others, has only one light leaving the path dark and frightening. The next light is only just visible beyond the corner. The lamps themselves are perhaps unsuitable providing a blinding light at eye level but not so much on the ground.

The contractor needs to provide additional lighting along the line of existing provision.

What A Mess

A number of clumps of debris have been left today in Abbey Mount following the green bin collection. Presumably the lorry has developed a fault. Shame no one noticed. Hopefully Council will have the fault rectified.


Unnecessary Traffic Disruption

Despite being steps away from the car park and operating on a very wide part of the footpath, these telecoms workers found it necessary to block one lane at the bottom of the Newtownards Road. Surely there are regulations against such unnecessary action which was simply in order to park their van. Traffic management in the area is bad enough, however, a traffic warden was noted giving some attention to a lorry double parked in Abbey Street. It is rare to pass along Abbey Street without someone double parking, something obviously unnoticed by the various political offices on the street.



Alternative to Castle Park Path


Good to see an alternative to the diverted path in Castle Park is under way. The diversion would have added unnecessarily to the journey into Abbey, Whitehill, Lisnabreen Clanmorris which is itself quite a trek from the town.

For our wheelchair users I do hope some tarmac is used to make a smooth path.

Good to see concerns are being listened to.