Fun On The 21st



Have you plans this Sunday?

Looking for something FUN to do with your kids and family??

…then why not come along to Ward Park in Bangor this Sunday for fun activities between 2pm – 5pm!!

Activities will include…football, tennis, bowls and sports day fun games! All sports supported by local clubs and NGB’s for FREE TASTER SESSIONS!!

We will also have bouncy castles up and running for the day!!

For further information please contact 02891277418

UK World Class Post Brexit


The Greens  Liberals and Lefties have been on a put down mission since BREXIT. However, the results from Rio show we are a world class nation. This applies also to every aspect of human endeavour in which the UK involves itself.

The DUPe joined with the GLL grouping suggesting the acquisition of an Irish passport. Now let me go down the medals table and find where ROI lies, and down, and down Ah! Yes there they are languishing at 54 with one medal. The DUPe having forgotten their smash Sinn Fein mantra and now cosily in bed with the butchers of our people have picked up a few fleas, a hazard of lying with dogs, they now think like SF/IRA. Perhaps forgetting they are part of a world class nation they see Stormont for what it is, an also ran on the world stage.

Our Nation and in this case our athletes those who fund, support and otherwise encourage are the best of British.  We the British people are a class act, world class. Together we will prosper post BREXIT.

Public Realm Lighting Continues To Disappoint


This morning workmen were repairing our public realm lighting on Main Street Bangor. Sad to say, despite loving the lights, they continue to disappoint. The merged photos above displays the scene within steps of each other, the lights continue to fail and they always will. As I continue to say, the method of insertion is fatally flawed and will require constant maintenance.

Is the fitting method what was described in the contract? Has the project with this glaring error been signed off by Council? Who will pay for the inevitable continued repairs?

Council need to provide answers to those questions and give details of a proposed remedy at no cost to ratepayers.

Another Death On The Road.

Yet another death on the A2 Bangor Belfast road. This road is a killer yet calls I make for a motorway replacement go unheeded. It seems there is an acceptable level of death and injury about which our Politicians do nothing. Yes they do give the robotic heartfelt sympathy but this does nothing to erase the pain of the friends and family who have just lost a loved one.

Bloomfield and Wetherspoons – Corporate Injustice?

I note with dismay the £100 fines handed out to some elderly and disabled customers of Bloomfield Shopping Centre. Fines or as they call them “penalty notices” issued for the crime of parking at a centre which advertises over 2000 free parking spaces. A crime for simply forgetting to display their Blue Badge at disabled parking.

I am aware of customers who found out on a recent visit to Wetherspoons in Newtownards this, what I describe as corporate injustice, seems to be on the increase. Totally oblivious to any changes a customer parked in their car park, had a meal and left.

Shocked and disappointed they opened a letter proclaiming a £75 fine for parking. The customers had not observed any notices, nor were they informed of any changes by staff. The customers did after all park as they had always done, why would they feel the need to examine every wall for new notices, any notices usually relate to menu items.

Customers contacted Wetherspoons who were unsympathetic suggesting they appeal to their operators, something they were in no mood to do given the callous treatment of their customer. I have approached Lady Sylvia Hermon MP and Douglas Carswell MP with a view to this corporate injustice being raised in Parliament. Where are ordinary pensioners to find £100 or £75 for some crime spuriously created? This action must be stopped.

Separately I applaud the action of Lord Maginnis who claims he will go to jail rather than be “Brow Beaten by Bureaucrats” over 80p.

Of course I am more than disappointed at Bloomfields, as a Councillor I would have been supportive of the Centre and its manager Jamie Bill. (I did not subscribe to the them and us approach by some) This is, I feel, a real let down to supporters like myself and the general public who use the centre.

As with Wetherspoons I am completely unaware of such changes, I have personal not observed any of the supposed 3500 leaflets.

In conclusion such fines are utterly disproportionate to the alleged “crime” appearing more an indicator of corporate greed. They will cause upset and anger amongst the very people such organisations claim to serve – Their Customers.

Money saving expert website:-

The firms accuse us of defaming them because our guide:

Informs people that private parking firms operate in an “unstructured system that puts unnecessary power into potentially unscrupulous hands”.

Refers to private parking companies as “cowboys”.

Refers to the sector as “Wild West”.