Heathrow 5 – Security Shambles


Having endured an almost three quarter hour wait at bag drop passengers were I suspect in no mood for further unnecessary delays. Checking in on line is supposed to speed things up -right!

Ok, its a lovely terminal with great selection of shops and food. Its even got £75 parking fee Wetherspoons for the Leave voters among us.

The gate is something else where the biometric checks descend into a shambles. Operators are dashing one to the other in organised confusion. Some passengers get through, eventually, whilst others are told to stand aside. Anyway took far to long as we yearned for simpler days when passport and boarding card were the order of the day.

Troubles and confusion over we boarded the plane – or so we thought! Sure enough the plane was driven a few yards from the gate only to return seconds later, strange. After a time it was announced that two passengers had managed to get on board without completing the biometric checks, Al-Qaeda eat your heart out! Ok frantic efforts were made but those passengers just had to leave the aircraft, engines were shut down for an indeterminate period.

Great news!!! passengers sorted, apparently through no fault of theirs, they returned to the flight. So, for a second time we shunted from the ramp and off we went. By now you are getting the drift – no such luck.

We had missed our slot and were deposited at remote holding, so the gate staff could go home, and again engines shut down. Our new time of departure was five past the hour, or so we thought – again!!! It was announced that this time had moved to ten past the hour, but then came the knockout punch. NO that did not mean we were on our way, it just meant the engines would start. Departure time actually half past the hour.

Not for the first time we have found Terminal 5 security measures not fit for purpose, the idea of a final biometric check at gate is simply madness. Let us hope the new minister with transport responsibility comes up with a more effective solution.

Flying is no longer the joy it once was, and certainly not courtesy of Terminal 5 – BA humbug.