Sham Fight at Stormont


I have tired of the sham fight between DUPe and their SF/IRA partners in Stormont over welfare and the rest. We knew from the beginning that SF/IRA had no affinity for Northern Ireland (the country they dare not name) within Government, for them it is simply another wing of the armed struggle with one aim that is to destroy our country.

For DUPe and SF/IRA the current impasse is simply an opportunity to create a fuss, generate publicity, with the intention of deceiving their respective followers that they are supporting their cause. The fact that  there is an Assembly election coming up next year is of course purely coincidental.

In any fight, sham or not, the DUPe will always be the looser, and by implication the Unionist people, republicans are masters of propaganda and will appear to win no matter what.¬† They and their Green and Alliance lick spittle’s have successfully removed the flag from city hall, prevented Orangemen from walking our streets, the list goes on. Yet despite all the bluster of years ago when the population was conned into allowing our enemies to govern us the promise of a hard line, effectively reigning in of SF/IRA, has disappeared into the mist. Unionism within Stormont has been proven to be impotent.

Just like in the Westminster election where UKIP obtained one third of the votes yet obtained just one seat there should now be a cry for an alternative form of Government at Stormont. Mandatory Coalition has failed to deliver for the people of Northern Ireland, Democracy is the loser.




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