Save our Red Squirrels
Wheelie bin stickers urge NI motorists to see ‘red’ and give squirrels a ‘brake’

Loyalty to whom?


Noticed a torn and tattered Union Flag languishing on the road where Clandeboye Road meets Ring Road. Previously the flag had flown on lamp posts at this junction where it had been left to rot finally resting amongst the traffic flow. Our Union Flag has now been replaced by paramilitary flags which begs the question – loyalty to whom?

Northern Ireland military veterans abandoned.


“I actually believe that the paramilitaries and the prisoners groups and everyone else who was part of this conflict in Northern Ireland are being treated better by their people than soldiers are being treated by the MoD and the government, and that’s disgusting,”

Many of us have seen how North Down Politicians are happy to run with, and be photographed alongside, those with a past (or is it currently) involving terrorism. We even see recently how supposed Unionists/Orange MLA’s have voted in favour of a SF/IRA speaker at Stormont.

Those members of the security forces who served locally and abroad, many making the ultimate sacrifice, are sidelined. Look around at the many agencies exist to serve anything from drug users , criminals etc, but how many for forces?

We as a society wont change this until we elect those with a heartfelt interest in the welfare of our warrior servants.

Peter Robinson ill


Peter Robinson has taken ill with a suspected heart attack, best wishes to Peter and his family in this anxious time.

Cemetery needs tlc


Newtownards Road cemetery is in need of some tender loving care. I don’t think I have ever seen it looking so sad, certainly not under NDBC control.