Queuing for health

Is it right that on a cold but sunny morning the sick should queue for healthcare on this day in 2017. People of all ages, some with walking aids, the young and old seeking an appointment with a doctor.

This is Bangor, not some third world country, surely there must be a better way. Thank goodness it’s not winter. What happens then?

They shoot horses don’t they!

Never Ending Story

Yet again the pavement lights on Bangor’s Main Street are receiving attention. There must come a time when the maintenance costs of the lights exceeds the original cost of installation. Money is not so much being thrown down the drain but down the footpath, is it time to end this never ending cycle of expenditure and admit this lighting project has been abject failure?

Either do the job right or admit defeat.

Local Council Buying Procedures


“Local Council Buying Procedures”

Date: Friday 23 June 2017
Time: 10.00 am – 12.00 pm
Location: Signal Centre, Balloo Road, Bangor, BT19 7PD
Cost: FREE

Come along to the Connect@SIGNAL networking session and join us for complimentary scones, coffee and a chat with your fellow entrepreneurs and business leaders.

This month’s Connect@SIGNAL will help you discover the crucial approaches to tendering and winning local public sector contracts. 
Debbie Bolton, Procurement Manager for Ards and North Down Borough Council will provide a practical and informative module covering the following areas:

  •  How to Identify Local Opportunities
  • Local Authority Procurement Procedures
  • Key Skills needed by SMEs to win tenders

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about your local authority procurement procedures and gain an insight  into the skills and knowledge required to succeed in improving sales through the tendering process. 
Places are strictly limited for this session therefore early booking is recommended, please register by clicking the Register Now button below.

Register Here

The Watering Dead

Some of you may be aware of a programme called the walking dead, I have tried it but it’s not for me. 

Perhaps on a similar vein we could have a programme called The Watering Dead in honour of the planters in Bangor Town Centre. It seems that the concept that plants might need a regime of watering has escaped the local council parks department.

Not only is the result an eyesore it is another extravagant waste of money. Next thing we know they will be used as ashtrays.

The Green Jihad Continues

Yet again another box arrives, fine for those liberal green lefties in their executive mansions who have the space for the never ending assortment of sorting. Is there not a case that with Brexit we do not have to slavishly follow the Green agenda at continuing cost and expense to ourselves as ratepayers, the level of staffing needed to monitor and conjure up new schemes must now be a substantial burden on us all.

As a neighbour put it “we will all need a degree in recycling” having read the latest accompanying dictate from Council, its hard to disagree!

I suppose, like with motoring, Council will see a future profitability in punitive fines for those who disobey.

Little boxes on the hillside,
Little boxes made of ticky tacky,
Little boxes on the hillside,
Little boxes all the same.
There’s a green one and a pink one
And a blue one and a yellow one,
And they’re all made out of ticky tacky
And they all look just the same.

Flower Beds without Flowers

Dandelions and daisies, is this what our hard earned rates justify?

Some time ago NDBC had taken to providing displays composed with painted grass. My view was that a flower bed should have flowers illustrating the particular organisation being represented at the time. That battle was won but now this particular prominent display area beside the post office fails to live up to expectations.

Many organisations are advertised on the adjoining post office wall, if AND Council cannot provide a fitting display perhaps it should be removed and replaced with a permanent video feed type display.

As it stands the current offering provides a poor welcome to residents and visitors alike entering the town at Main Street.

Post Office Queue Unacceptable

Queueing is a part of modern life, but when does it become unacceptable? Certainly I felt this was so at Post Office on Main Street. The queue stretched outside the inner door when I joined, but immediately afterwards reached the outer door. Surely by any yardstick this is unacceptable.

For elderly folk and those with mobility issues standing for such extended periods can literally be a pain and presents an unacceptable face of customer service from Post Office. Since privatisation Post Office overriding concern is for profit , service to its customers is a mere inconvenience and it shows.

It is somewhat ironic that whilst Post office takes on more banking functions, perhaps one reason for extended queues,   Ulster Bank is to close which can only exasperate the situation.  Perhaps like the banks, Post Office would rather we did everything online. Never to darken their door, not sure how that is going to work with letters and parcels! Is that an Amazon drone is see hovering outside my front door?

Must always finish with “our postmen are wonderful”

Imposing Structure on Coastal Path.

Having not visited the coastal path for a while I was somewhat shocked to see this imposing structure under construction in close proximity. Couldn’t help asking myself how did it receive planning permission without the usual uproar from local rag, FABB and the rest. Unclear at this stage how tall the finished product will be but it certainly seems substantial. Blot on the landscape?

An evening of musical celebration


Join the fabulous Bangor Ladies Choir for an evening of musical celebration with guest artist Brian Kennedy.

Hailing from the Fall’s Road area of Belfast, Brian Kennedy is one of Northern Ireland’s finest artists, carving out an extraordinary career in Music. His work with Van Morrison has been well documented. He is a Natural TV & Radio host as well as lead performer on diverse international stages, from New York’s Riverdance on Broadway for 9 months of over 300 performances to Eurovision 2006 in Athens.

Remarkably Brian also found time to publish two fiction Novels that were as instant success and he continues to receive  many prestigious awards, including the 2010 Ireland Meteor Lifetime Achievement Award for Music, and an even rarer Honorary Doctorate Degree of Letters by the University of Ulster, for his contribution to the Arts.

With a Choir of 62, backed by the extraordinary vocals of Brian, the musical prowess of night will be superb!

Tickets available from Bangor and Ards Visitor Information Centres, North Down Museum in Bangor, The Wool Shop in Bangor and Newtownards.

It’s very dark in here

Dear Mister Council man can we have our lights back please, the ones on the path from the  toilet block in Abbey Street to the entry onto Abbey Park.

We have asked nicely before but it seems we have been ignored. Its very dark in the evening beside those black painted walls around the  water service works making it very frightening and dangerous.

We already know the fault lies within the works so please have some consideration for the residents who use this path in the hours of darkness and have it sorted.